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Our Newest Discovery

In the past 10 years of exploration of sleep disorders, we found that temperature is the key factor affecting sleep quality. Our engineer kept exploring the technology of controlling temperature. Until we tested Phase Change Materials (PCM).

How it works?

'Phase Change' is the process of going from one state to another, e.g. from solid to liquid. Any material that experiences the process of phase change is named as Phase Change Materials (PCM). Such materials collect, discharge or absorb heat as they oscillate between solid and liquid form. They discharge heat as they transform to a solid state and absorb as they go back to a liquid state. There are three basic phases of matter solid, liquid and gas, but others like crystalline, colloid, glassy, amorphous and plasma phases are also considered to exist.

Use of PCM

This fundamental phenomenon of science was initially developed and applied to building space suits for astronauts for the US Space Program. These suits kept the astronauts warm in the black void of space and cool in the solar glare.

Sweating less, freezing less

Now, our engineers apply PCM to our mattress, comforter, and more bedding collection. Compared with regular textile materials, our bedding with PCM can reduce sweat production up to a third. They are popular with those who are suffering from sleep disorder.

Products Associated with Innovation

Hybrid Mattress

When you get into bed, you start warming up gradually as heat released by your body is trapped underneath the bedding and in the mattress foam.PCMs can store huge amounts of heat. As they absorb heat, the mattress quickly cools down. It also works the other way when the bed gets too cold.

Hybrid Mattress

As the PCMs oscillate between these two phase changes (solid and liquid), they keep the mattress within a comfortable temperature range, never letting you get too warm or too cold.If you are sensitive to heat as you sleep or you live in a hot climate, a PCM mattress will help you sleep more comfortably.

Temperature Balance Duvet

As you curl up in a duvet to sleep, gradually the body starts releasing heat underneath. PCM duvets react with their in-built cooling intelligence once the temperature reaches a constant level. The phase changing materials in duvets start absorbing the generated heat and cools down your bed.