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Mattress topper is designed to change your firm mattress to soft. Our mattress topper is made of premium high-density memory foam, which can keep spinal alignment and soothe painful body spots. Release your whole-day fatigue so you can easily enjoy a full night of rechargeable sleep.

Placing a mattress topper on a firm mattress can improve the comfort level. Both memory foam topper and down alternative topper provide a soft feeling, but memory foam topper gives you ultra padding and support, while down alternative topper provide a hotel plush feeling.

Most mattress toppers are compressed, machine-rolled, and folded for easy transport to you. They will take between 24 to 72 hours to expand to its full height and softness. We recommend the below methods to help them expand:

For memory foam topper expansion step by step process:
Step 1: Unpack the mattress
Step 2: Set the room temperature. Memory foam reacts to heat. It expands faster when the room is warmer.
Step 3: Walk and jump on it. You can walk and jump on your foam mattress to help it decompress faster! Let the kids have some fun with it or relive your childhood desires.

For down alternative topper, here are mothods you can take:
Shake it out – Simply hold the edges of your mattress topper and give it a hard whip. This will help to separate and evenly distribute the fill.
Fix by hand – You can also squeeze it like an accordion to reshape it, or fluff them up by hitting them with your fists or squeezing them with your hands.
Dryer method – Placing your mattress topper in a commercial dryer with three or four tennis balls can be another helpful technique to obtain fluffiness.
Take it outside – If weather permits, try leaving your topper outside on a line and in the sun for a few hours. The fresh air moving through will naturally fluff your topper, as well as help to reduce odors.

A tightly fitting sheet will help keep a mattress topper from sliding around. Another option is a non-skid mat placed between the mattress and the mattress topper.

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